We're looking for a creative, bold Content Marketing Assistant to bolster our bulletin (i.e. email newsletter) and spice up our socials. 


We're Shandy Shack, an award-winning low-alcohol beer brand specialising in craft beer shandy. Founded by three friends (Ed, Tom and Freddie) in summer 2018, we’ve grown from the humble beginnings of a festival tour in our handbuilt pop-up Shack, to the fridges and shelves of bars and supermarkets all over the country.

But, why do we exist? The craft beer category is booming, but there’s an issue around accessibility and ABV. Lots of beer drinkers find craft beer too hoppy, too bitter or too strong. The no/low-alcohol category is also rapidly growing as more consumers look to reduce the number of units they’re drinking, but it doesn’t always deliver on taste. Why should moderation be a choice between all or nothing?

At Shandy Shack, we want to enable moderation without compromise for everyone. Our brand sits in the perfect middle ground, combining the best of craft beer with a sessionable, lower-ABV percentage. Excitingly, shandy is a category with longstanding cultural value and therefore offers a creative playground full of amusing, historic associations and stereotypes. We have a first mover advantage in reviving and premiumising this category.

We currently have a core range of four products, combining craft beer styles like pilsner and IPA with flavours such as elderflower, rhubarb and ginger. Between them, our shandies have won a total of six Great Taste stars over the last three years, which serves as a clear symbol of their quality.

Over the last three years, we've won multiple major listings, including supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and national wholesalers like Bidfood, as well as building a strong direct-to-consumer channel. We've also been heavily featured by mainstream national media, such as on ITV’s This Morning (twice), in The Times and in the Daily Mail to name just a few. This has allowed us to achieve impressive annual revenue growth of +132% on average over our last four years.

We’re eager to continue this growth trajectory by adding more marketing resource to our team to build more awareness for our brand amongst consumers.


We are looking for someone that can capture, gather and produce content that they then publish and manage on our email and social channels. This initial content creation can be done via a number of routes, such as heading out into the field to capture creative independently or working with our core team to gather clips from their travels on the road to edit into a feed post. In terms of content and community management, we'll be expecting the successful candidate to post and track content, responding to post engagers and overseeing performance.


  • Are you a whizz behind a camera and up-to-date with the latest Reel/TikTok trends?
  • Can you read our brand and feel comfortable creating short and character-rich videos that align with who we are?
  • Are you a confident and polite personality that is happy to strike up conversations with venues and customers to create good content?
  • Are you happy to travel around London and UK to represent the brand where you go?
  • A part-time paid internship contract requiring roughly 4-8 hours of work per week.
  • Starting ASAP.
  • Paid £10.50 p/h either fortnightly or monthly according to volume of hours.
  • All expenses paid, including travel and lunch on any adventures.
  • A free cap and t-shirt to look the "Reel" deal. See what we did there?
  • Free shandy...of course that goes without saying!