Shandy on the Daily

Shandy on the Daily

We were absolutely over the moon to spot our Rhubarb Lager achieving more press coverage, this time sitting pretty in the pages of The Daily Mail.

Featured in the 'Weekend' section of the newspaper, our 'Barbs Largs' got the nod from none other than renowned presenter and drinks maestro, Olly Smith. He handpicked it as part of his drink pairings for the legendary TV Chef Tom Kerridge's 'perfect pub food' – not bad eh.

Olly chose our Rhubarb Lager as the perfect accompaniment to Tom's 'Fried Chicken Burgers with Blue Cheese Mayonnaise'. He was impressed by the Barbs Largs' 'compellingly fruity rhubarb streak' and said 'this is superb with Tom's burgers'. Bosh.

Why not give the recipe it a crack yourself? The one condition is that it has to be washed down with an ice-cold, refreshing Rhubarb Lager, of course.

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