At Shandy Shack, we generally don’t take life too seriously. That’s kind of what happens when your working life is spent joking about shandy.

There are some things, though, that do matter to us. You probably won’t catch us shouting from the rooftops about them too often (not really our style), but we thought we’d pop something up on the website so those of you that are interested can read about them.


Treating the planet well 

It’s no secret that us humans haven’t been very kind to planet Earth for the last century or so. That’s left us in a slightly sticky situation, which we need to act fairly swiftly to sort out. At Shandy Shack, we definitely don’t claim to be experts, but we do recognise that every shandy we make has a footprint, and that we need to make that footprint as small as possible.

There are two main parts of that footprint that we try to minimise when churning out our shandies: 

  1. CO2 output: we use a tool called Carbon Analytics to track carbon analytics across the company, and are certified as Carbon Aware. We are constantly taking steps to reduce our CO2 emissions per litre of shandy produced, and expect to reduce this from x in 2021 to y in 2022.
  2. Single-use plastic: we have always tried to minimise single-use plastic across our in-house operations. For example, we have used compostable plant starch cups since our very first event. We do however outsource a lot of our operations, and are sometimes restricted by the guidelines that our supply chain partners place on us (e.g. forcing us to use plastic rather than paper labels). Step-by-step, we are influencing these partners, and growing the company to a point where we can make more sustainable decisions (e.g. moving to fully printed cans which require greater production volume).


Better relationships with booze

If you’re a fan of our shandies, the chances are that one of the things you like about them is that they have lower alcohol content than other beers. The truth is shandy’s always been the go-to drink for those looking to cut out a unit here or there, and that’s really what led to us starting Shandy Shack in the first place. A lot of people treat alcohol moderation as a choice between all (i.e. 4% ABV) or nothing (non-alcoholic), but we think there are different, delicious ways to develop a healthier relationship with alcohol. And having had experiences of alcohol misuse in our personal and professional lives prior to Shandy Shack, we really feel the importance of proving that point.