We've somehow persuaded the crew at Sainsbury's to give our shandies a trial from November 2020 to February 2021. You can find our IPA Shandy and Elderflower Lager Top cans on the top shelf of the Taste of the Future bay (not the main beer aisle yet!) in the 70 stores on the map below. If you fancy picking a few tins up next time you swing by, you'd be doing us a huge favour as we try to make the trial stick and get stocked in more Sainsbury's stores around the country.

Shop online with Sainsbury's? We've got you covered!

If you live close enough to one of the stores above, you can fling a few shandies in with your next online shop with Sainsbury's! Simply whack the links below to go through to the product pages and pop a few in the basket. Let us know if it's not appearing for you - it can be a bit temperamental sometimes based on your postcode. And while you're there, please pop up a cheeky review of the product up if you have a minute!

Fancy becoming a secret shandy shopper?

We're assembling an army of secret shoppers to help us keep our shandies stocked up on the Sainsbury's shelves. If you're keen to chip in, and can spare five minutes to fill out a cheeky form when you're next in one of our stores, please hit the link below to let us know you're in!